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Glove & Mitt Insulation

To provide warmth without bulk and ultimate dexterity we use the best insulation to ensure toasty warm performance.


  • Warmth without bulk: A high warmth-to-weight ratio means you don’t need bulk to stay warm.
  • Water resistant: Absorbs less moisture from the start so you stay drier and warmer.
  • Lightweight: All the warmth you need with little weight.
  • Breathable: Encourages the passage of moisture vapor to keep you from being cold or damp.
  • Grip control: Adds a non-slip grip for a stable hold of poles, shovels or anything you need to grab hold of. Made from 90% consumer recycled content.


  • 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation is warm yet lightweight, powerful yet thin. It helps trap and hold body heat with extremely fine microfibres , while allowing moisture to escape. The high warmth-to-thickness ration of this insulation enables garment designs with less bulk and enhanced freedom of movement.


  • A lightweight synthetic lofting insulation that provides excellent heat retention and protection from the elements.
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